Feasts observed by the Coptic Church

Feasts observed by the Coptic Church
These come under three chief headings:
Weekly feast, i.e. Sundays. The weekly commemoration of the Resurrection, which falls on the first day of every week. Sundays have been kept by Christians from Apostolic times as days of worship, and in 321 the Emperor Constantine proclaimed that Sunday should be a an official holiday.
Movable Feasts.
Immovable Feasts.
Some scholars divide them into four main divisions: the seven major feasts, the seven minor feasts, the seven Marian feasts, and the saints' and martyrs' feast days. There are other feasts for certain joyful events, such as the discovery of the Cross and the miracle of the Mokatam mountain, which was moved and saved the lives of all Copts when moved.
The Annunciation (29 Baramhat).
The Nativity (29 Kiahk).
The Epiphany (11 Tubah).
Palm Sunday, on the seventh Sunday of Great Lent.
Easter Sunday, a movable feast celebrated on the first
Sunday after Passion Week.
6.Ascension Day, on the fortieth day after the Resurrection.
7. Pentecost, on the fiftieth day after the Resurrection.
Circumcision (6 Tubah).
The first miracle at Cana of Galilee (13 Tobah).
Candlemas (8 Amshir).
Maundy Thursday.
5. Saint Thomas's Sunday, on the Sunday following Easter Sun day.
Entry of the Holy Family into Egypt (24 Bashans).
Transfiguration (13 Misra).
Annunciation of her Nativity (7 Misra).
Nativity (1 Bashans).
Candlemas (3 Kiahk).
Dormition (21 Tubah).
Assumption (16 Misra).
The Iron Dissolver (21 Baounah).
Apparition in the church of Zeitoon (24 Baramhat).
The Coptic Synaxarion records the history of the saints and the martyrs who gave their lives for the Christian faith. Various churches also celebrate the anniversaries of their patron saints.


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